Lindsey's Success Story

I'm feeling good about my body again!

“I joined Halstead Fitness to get back on track with my fitness goals, and I'm extremely happy with the results, they are better than I imagined. Coach Jenny’s holistic approach to wellness is beyond just hiring a "trainer". She helps you with the typical things like strength and working out; but also nutrition, sleep, mental support and probably more I'm forgetting. I'm feeling good about my body again, I'm much happier with how I look, and extremely happy with how strong I feel. After only a month with Jenny, I also noticed I was more alert and productive at work. She tailors the program specifically to you, some workouts weren't motivating me, so she adapted them for me, and then we started seeing big results. Getting your health back on track is probably the single most important thing you can do, so if you're struggling or frustrated, or just need someone to help you shake things up, Jenny is absolutely who I'd recommend.” – Lindsey K.

Lindsey has been a dedicated client and I’m confident that she’ll continue to reach new heights. I love it when that inner athlete busts out and works harder, wants more and pushes her comfort levels. In three months Lindsey was able turn her body into a machine. Dropping more than 10 pounds, 9.5inches and almost 5% body fat. What’s more she gotten stronger and faster and a 31% increase in leg strength is no joke! It’s people like Lindsey that make my job so awesome.