And then there was Mary...

September's rockstar of the month is Mary! She just finished a very committed 12-week program. 

I LOVED working with Mary, and everyone else loved training beside her. I want to congratulate her on completing 12 weeks!

When she first came to me I asked:

1. What are your health and fitness goals over the next 90 days?

Answer: To be a bad ass! Beyond that, I just want some sort of path to follow to become stronger and to feel like I'm making healthier choices.

Did we do that? I absolutely know so.

2. What have you tried before that has worked and not worked?

Answer: Math worked...keeping track of the calories until I didn't. Pop Pilates worked. Felt so much stronger and saw some results over 5 months. But what didn't work My patterns change with the seasons. And I didn't stay motivated.

Did she stay motivated? OMG yes! She could have just called it quits when the chiropractor threw down some major restrictions because of some previous injuries. And she didn't. She asked for more!! So we modified and she kept moving, sweating and swearing. 

3. Honestly, why do you think you haven't hit your goals yet?

Answer: Lack of motivation. Hence not a 10 on the next question. I don't really know where to start. I've never felt comfortable taking a exercise class and I'm not so gym savvy.

And every class I find interesting doesn't fit my work/life schedule. I work 2nd shift and early morning classes are of no interest.
And now? She stayed motivated throughout the whole program, and inspired others in doing so. 


From a numbers standpoint EVERYTHING improved. She increased her upper-body strength by 25%, which personally I think is being conservative. LITERALLY a 70% increase in core strength. 70%... no joke. And get this... a 99% increase in leg strength. How did this translate in her body measurements? 7lbs lost, 3% body fat and 11" from 7 areas that we measured. 

Even with restrictions from her chiropractor she still managed to get stronger and make huge improvements physically AND mentally.

After the age of 30 it gets harder and harder to make physical changes. Then when we hit 40 it's like a brick wall. Most people, especially women really take a turn for the worse and give up. What used to be difficult now feels impossible and we feel like our bodies are betraying us. So what do all of Mary's measurements tell me? They tell me that she can actually make giant shifts when she stays focused and is held accountable. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, it's CRITICAL for you to maintain all of the muscle you can. Muscle wasting happens when you don't exercise with weights or resistance of some kind. I think of Mary as an athlete, and when you can think of yourself that way you'll have more success in the gym and a real sense of ownership when it comes to what you're capable of. 

Mary R 2.jpg

Oh and...

Mary loves dogs. A lot.