"We'd all be doing 20 minutes on the elliptical at the YMCA wondering why it sucks if it weren't for you"

The last couple weeks have felt great. Mentally struggling with small movements on the scale, but feeling stronger and healthier. You asked the other day who inspires us at the gym, and I’m sure the quiet response was because it’s really you. You’re getting us there, keeping us going when we’re down. You know when to push and when to ease up. We’d all be doing 20 minutes on the elliptical at the YMCA wondering why it sucks if it wasn’t for you.

— R.P.

"I will never like doing burpees"

Never forget that YOU changed my life.  I am the rock star that I am in large part because of you.  Seriously, I could not have gotten through the last 3 years w/ out you.  Even though I will never ever ever ever like doing burpees.

— S.R.

Ran my first 5k today! Many thanks to you getting me in my beat shape in 10 years! — L.C.

"I choose you!"

If it gets to the point of having to choose between you and shoes or other shopping sprees, I will choose you/Fitness!

— E.S.

“Change your life”

Through nutrition and fitness coaching I have transformed my life. I have Jenny's talent to thank for guiding me there. If you really want to change your life and embrace health, get in touch, do what she says, and enjoy the results!”

— J.B.

“She builds confidence"

"Jenny Halstead is the person I worked with to train for the Medtronic TC 10 Mile last year. We actually had a team from Medtronic that trained with her and it was a fabulous experience because she builds both physical strength and mental confidence. "

— D.S.


"Make new friends!”

"I do not personally care for the standard gym chains that you typically find so the 12- week Transformation Program caught my attention. After meeting Jenny for the first time, I knew I was in the right place, with the right trainer and I was right! The first 12 weeks were amazing and my personal results were more than I could have imaged. Jenny is not only passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals but she is well educated, enthusiastic and R E A L!  She will make you work but that's because she already knows what you are capable of before you do. So if you want results, be 100% supported by your trainer and make new friends that support you in your journey, this is your place!"

— C.K.

“You can do anything.”

Jenny makes you feel like you can do anything. She is tough but gentle, insistent but patient all at the same time. Best thing that I have ever done for myself!

— L.B.


"From learn to run to marathon"

In the two short years since then I've run a dozen or so races, ranging from my first 5k to a marathon and I'm scheduling my training for 2 more marathons this year. If you would have told me a Saturday morning in the middle of winter would have lead to all of that I would have laughed and rolled my eyes, now that I look back it's just proof that you can do anything you put your mind to. Seriously people, anything."

— W.S.


“Beyond physical gains.”

Working with Jenny has changed my life, and I sincerely mean that. She has pushed me so far beyond the limits I've set for myself and I feel stronger every day because of her. Jenny doesn't let me give up, even when I can't imagine doing more, but she does it in such an encouraging way, I WANT to keep going. 

Beyond the workouts, though, Jenny is there for you when you need a pick-me-up, a reminder you're strong enough to do more, or tough love to get you into gear. My transformation goes beyond physical gains. I've become a stronger woman with her help mentally as well. 

— N.M.


"Best decision I made this year"

Best decision I made this year was to join Halstead Fitness. I have more energy, confidence, and care for myself
Thanks Jenny!

— A.R.

"I have more energy and feel healthier than I have ever been."

Twin Cities friends, if anyone is looking to kickstart or fitness and nutrition, this is an amazing program with a wonderful coach! I started training with Jenny 6 months ago and it has been life changing! She and the team of people I workout with every morning are so supportive. I am down 10 lbs since the beginning of the year and have lost over 7% body fat since I started the program. I have more energy and feel healthier than I have ever been. I cannot recommend this program enough!!!

— T.K.

After only a month with Jenny, I also noticed I was more alert and productive at work. — L.C.